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Nonprofit Storytelling is Awesome!

Will and I love working with nonprofits! NPO stories write themselves and we just plug in the visual piece.

Since we first started as a company three years ago, I've always pushed us to work with nonprofits for a few reasons:

#1. NPO's often don't realize they need video to help their cause. I feel it's our duty as a visual storytelling company to open eyes to the power of video!

#2. NPO stories are the best to tell with video and usual the simplest. Our camera crew just needs to be around to capture the right moments.

#3. I as an individual need to feel like what I do everyday matters and somehow plays a part in a bigger picture. This is what drives me to do what I do with the production company. Producing nonprofit stories allows me to feel connected to the world and like I'm helping move an NPO's mission forward in some small way.

And that brings me an endless amount of joy. #nonprofitlove

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